Oh , that   Paris ! Romance   and   cooool   looks ! I’m   impressed    and   inspired   by   these   so   chic   and   amazing   looks , demonstrated   by   fashion   editors , bloggers   and   models   during   Paris   Fashion   Week    where   designers   presented   their    fashion   views   for   Spring   2015 !

pfw h'sb s2015

pfw h'sb s2015.png9

pfw h'sb s2015.png2 pfw h'sb s2015.png3 pfw h'sb s2015.png4 pfw h'sb s2015.png5 pfw h'sb s2015.png6 pfw h'sb s2015.png7 pfw h'sb s2015.png8 pfw vogue s2015 pfw vogue s2015.png2 pfw vogue s2015.png3 pfw vogue s2015.png4 pfw vogue s2015.png5 pfw vogue s2015.png6

pfw elle s2015 pfw elle s2015.png2 pfw elle s2015.png3 pfw elle s2015.png4 pfw elle s2015.png5 pfw elleuk s2015 pfw elleuk s2015.png2 pfw elleuk s2015.png3 pfw elleuk s2015.png4 pfw elleuk s2015.png5 pfw elleuk s2015.png6 pfw elleuk s2015.png7

Images  via  Harper’s Bazaar ; ; ; ; Elle UK


About Fashion's Cherry

Hello, friends, I'm Geri ! Welcome to my daily blog, a space where I will share with you everything that caught my eye in the World of Beauty & Fashion, because Fashion is definitely my Passion, or will "visit" together some of the coolest places around the world and will enjoy beautiful artworks , and not to miss treasures' hunt ................. In brief everything that can excite & inspire us to look and feel better !
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One Response to STREET STYLE # PARIS FW # SPRING 2015

  1. I love ALL of these looks!!

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