Dolce & Gabbana F / W 2014’15

When   something   is   magnificent   whatever   we   say   would   not   be   enough ! Oh , yes , I’m   talking   about   Dolce & Gabbana   and   their   magical   Fall / Winter   2014’15   Collection  with   princesses , cute   red   foxes , owls , funny   squirrels   and   beautiful   swans   that   tell   the   fairy   tale   of   ”Enchanted   Sicily” !  Dolce   and   Gabbana   surprised   us   with   a   little   gothic   and   just   like   knights   looks !  The   recurrent   motif   in   the   collection   was   the   “key”, depicted   over   the   dresses   and   coats   in   combination   with   gorgeous   flower  embroidery  ! I’m   fascinated   by   these   beautiful   flower   embellishments   over   the   dresses   and   coats   that   look   so   amazing ! But   what   took   my   mind   were   the   red   skirt   and   coat   with   black   flower   appliqué   which   are   guarantee   for   a   sophisticated & noticeable   look ! I’m   sure   you   will   agree   with   me   that   every   single   piece   of   that   collection   is   a   fashion    masterpiece !

dg fall 2014 dg fall 2014.png2 dg fall 2014.png3 dg fall 2014.png4

dg fall 2014.png5

dg fall 2014.png10

dg fall 2014.png6

dg fall 2014.png9

dg fall 2014.png8

dg fall 2014.png7

dg fall 2014.png11

dg fall 2014.png12

Images  via  Dolce & Gabbana


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Hello, friends, I'm Geri ! Welcome to my daily blog, a space where I will share with you everything that caught my eye in the World of Beauty & Fashion, because Fashion is definitely my Passion, or will "visit" together some of the coolest places around the world and will enjoy beautiful artworks , and not to miss treasures' hunt ................. In brief everything that can excite & inspire us to look and feel better !
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2 Responses to Dolce & Gabbana F / W 2014’15

  1. Beautiful! I love this collection!

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