PEDRO del HIERRO Sport Catalog

Madrid – based   fashion   brand   Pedro   del   Hierro   knows   how   to   make   so   that   women   look   irresistible   even   in   sportswear . I   like   this   casual   chic , simple   and   perfect   for   free   time . And   those   white   pants   with   black   stripe  at   the   side   for    62,93 €   are   so   cool   and   just   my   style , also   the   beige   shorts   are   not   to   be   missed ……….


Images  via  Pedro  del  Hierro


About Fashion's Cherry

Hello, friends, I'm Geri ! Welcome to my daily blog, a space where I will share with you everything that caught my eye in the World of Beauty & Fashion, because Fashion is definitely my Passion, or will "visit" together some of the coolest places around the world and will enjoy beautiful artworks , and not to miss treasures' hunt ................. In brief everything that can excite & inspire us to look and feel better !
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